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The potent cannabis strains are the baseline of all other strains in the market. Every grower who crosses over different strains is looking to achieve a decent amount of THJC content because many consumers want to get recreational pleasure as much as they get medical benefits. Today, we are dropping gems on the things that make up a vigorous cannabis plant and how you can educate yourself to choose the best mind-bending strains of weed with boosted THC levels and CBD enjoyment.

How THC Affects The Strength Of The Best Tasting Weed Strains

The modern market is full of THC boosted strains because growers took it upon themselves to intensify the content by combining all the powerhouses to form even better strains. THC is a psychoactive compound that binds with pleasure receptors to induce the feeling of highness.

Note that two strains with the same THC amount will not necessarily have the same effects. This case is because CBD plays a role in blocking the effect of THC, which means a strain with a high amount of CBD will not have nearly as much pleasure as one with a low CBD content. Despite this, you will note that the strongest cannabis strains or products will have more CBD than their counterparts.

Benefits Of Strong Popular Cannabis Strains

Is it even necessary to buy strains with a high THC content? The intense effects of these weed strains happen sooner and faster and could last longer than they would if you were to take strains with a low THC content. In a nutshell, taking these strains means your experience will be amplified, and you will feel as though you are soaring high for a much longer time.

Examples Of The Strongest New Cannabis Strains

Grease Monkey

The Indic a strain is a blend of cream and cookie strains. It has one of the highest THC contents in the market, but the percentage can vary depending on growing conditions. You can take it for a simple recreational effect or for medical reasons such as easing nausea, insomnia, chronic pain, and loss of appetite, among other cases.

Pacman OG

Anyone looking for high THC content can trust they will find everything they seek from this strain. The bud has a citrusy aroma and taste, with hints of earthiness that bring you close to what you would expect from a cannabis plant. Pacman is a favorable choice for people who want to soothe physical things like stress, insomnia, and pain while they also relive the mind to feel overall happiness.

Chocolate OG

It is mainly an Indica plant with strong relaxation effects and a fast euphoric inducement. The smoke smells like a mixture of nuts and cheese, making for a delicious serving for people who want a solid but unique dominant taste.

Choosing the most potent cannabis strain can be challenging, especially when you have to work around the limitations set by the state on the maximum amount of THC allowed. Check out our store for details of the available strains, and contact us if you want more information on the strongest weed strains available.


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Weed Strains

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