Rabid Hippie joined HYMAN as lead cultivation since 2018 and has been with us every step of the way. With his exceptional knowledge and experience of cultivation paired with his secret soil formula, he is an essential part of ensuring that our team is continuously successful. 

We chose to work with Rabid Hippie because of his innovative ideas, eccentric personality, extensive knowledge of cultivation, and farmer genetics connections. Much like HYMAN, Rapid Hippie also has a passion for the collective goal of destigmatizing cannabis. We have exclusively collaborated on the Kush Mints strain from which the Rapid Hippie cut originated, in addition to the classic Wedding Cake strain. With our help, Rabid Hippie phenohunted our marquee strain, Soñando. Our Soñando is now an award winning strain that has become a fan favorite for its exquisite taste and terpene profile.

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