Blade Icewood

Introducing the Detroit legend, Blade Icewood, into the Michigan licensed cannabis market, HYMAN cultivated the strainsk known as Platinum Rose and Rose Gold. HYMAN is aiming to bring more culture into the world of cannabis which is why we chose to work with such an influential underground rapper. The goal of this project has been to highlight one of the many local legends from the city of Detroit. 

This collaboration has focused on connecting music and lifestyle into the cannabis industry. Lil Blade is no stranger to the cannabis game and is an icon of Detroit through and through. Icewood smoked in his music videos and incorporated smoking in his lyrics as it has made an impact on his life as well as the lives around him. “Life is life; you live or die I guess that’s why everyday I get high” a quote from one of Icewood’s many hip-hop hits “All To You” emphasizes living your life to the fullest. With other songs like “Walk Like Me” and “Love For My City” it is evident that he maintained his impact on his followers with a sense of pride. Our goal is to help people live their lives to their fullest potential with the use of cannabis.

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