263 Southwest T

Introducing the Detroit legend, Southwest T of 263, into the Michigan licensed cannabis market, HYMAN cultivated a series of strains alongside an exclusive line of lifestyle apparel and accessories. The goal of this project has been to showcase cannabis being incorporated into one’s everyday lifestyle.

This collaboration has focused on working together to destigmatize not only the cannabis industry, but also prior drug related crimes for individuals. We had chosen to partner with Southwest T with 263 due to their strong values that honor the importance of strong ties and innovation, and extensive experience within the industry. Together, we have launched Black Magic: “Walk by faith, not by sight” and Loyalty: “Let no man separate what we create”. In the near future, we plan to launch Death Before Dishonor: “After us, there will be none”. We look forward to continuing our work with Southwest T and 263 to launch future campaigns.

Featured Strains

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