HYMAN x Southwest T 263

BMF Taking the highest person in the room, even higher with Death B4 Dishonor.

In light of the new TV show produced by 50 Cent and premiering Sept. 26 on STARZ, BMF is inspired by the true story of two brothers Big Meech and Southwest T. The brothers had risen from the streets of southwest Detroit in the late 80’s and gave birth to one of the most influential crime families in this country. “This is a true story, a completely different project. BMF is an organically bigger version of Power.” stressed by Curtis Jackson. Southwest T of 263 BMF has partnered with HYMAN Cannabis to launch the Death B4 Dishonor series, releasing on Sept. 24th, just days before the show premieres. HYMAN is honored to be a part of the transition from BMF – a path of rough history to 263 – a reimagined lifestyle focusing on new beginnings in the business world.

HYMAN is introducing a Detroit legend, Southwest T of 263 into the Michigan licensed cannabis market and they are eager to launch their third installment of this collaboration. HYMAN and 263 have cultivated a series of strains alongside an exclusive line of lifestyle apparel and accessories that have a unique style for each series. HYMAN: Where luxury and lifestyle collide with craft cannabis like never before. The name had originated from a place of high elevation with even higher expectations. Extraordinary smoke, destined to inspire.

This project has helped showcase how cannabis can be incorporated into one’s everyday lifestyle. This collaboration has focused on working together to destigmatize not only thecannabis industry, but also prior drug related crimes for individuals. We had chosen to partner with Southwest T with 263 due to their values that honor the importance of strong ties and innovation. Starting the partnership with Black Magic, all shelves were cleared out at all retailers in just a matter of days which really put a meaning behind the message “Walk by faith, not by sight.” The strains within this series are Black Magic, Cake, Flame, Gelato and Kush. Continuing the partnership with the release of Loyalty, a luxury line of apparel and accessories were released along with the Loyalty Lottery tickets to show appreciation to our supporters and emphasize “Let no man separate what we create.” The strains included in this series are Loyalty, Apple Runtz and Truffle Runtz. To end this three-part campaign, we will be releasing Death B4 Dishonor: “After us there will be none.” The strains within this series are Runtz, Giscotti, Jetlato and Gello. We believe it is important to display the prominence of their purpose by integrating their quotes within our campaigns. HYMAN is excited and honored to have worked with the Southwest T and the 263 Crew to make history live on.

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