BONEZ partners with HYMAN Cannabis to launch their Caregiver Crafted Collection  

HYMAN is continuously striving to bring small caregiver companies into the emerging cannabis industry to reconnect the severed association of Corporate and Caregiver cannabis. BONEZ is a cultivator that pushes quality over quantity, which is admirable in the demanding market we know today. While wanting to ensure taste, smell, potency and effects are all aligned to meet the needs and wants of all cannabis consumers, the end product never disappoints. 

“Real recognizes real and I am always trying to push the envelope while maintaining the highest standard and this is why I chose to work with HYMAN to launch into the licensed market. This collab represents the latest and greatest for our time by going the extra mile to bring the fire to the people for the love of the game” says Niko Watts, founder of BONEZ. 

When asked about what he wanted people to keep in mind when looking at this collaboration with HYMAN, Watts said “10 years ago, technology was different, we knew how to grow the plant differently with original practices not too technical. Now, when we grow cannabis, we maintain a high standard with our phenomenal hunting efforts and great attention to detail with effects & potency that our products pack a punch – our product is evolutionary.” 

Sherb Cream Pie dropped at Michigan Dispensaries on Friday, August 19th.

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