As you know, gas prices across the US are soaring higher than ever before. That’s why JARS Cannabis, Michigan’s leading lifestyle retailer of affordable and accessible cannabis products, is teaming up with HYMAN, a luxury lifestyle cannabis brand, to give away $70,000 in gas cards for customers who are looking to save some green at the pump. 

Beginning on April 12, JARS is offering $25 Speedway gas cards to any customer who purchases a limited edition JARS x HYMAN BONZEEN eighth while supplies last at one of the 12 JARS Cannabis retail locations across Michigan. 

“Supporting the communities we inhabit and serve is at the core of our brand’s DNA,” explains JARS Cannabis Marketing Director, Stefanie Michels. “We’re always striving to find creative ways to give back to our communities and loyal customers, so we want to thank HYMAN for teaming up with us during this time of need.” 

Broadly translating to “gasoline,” in various languages, the BONZEEN cannabis strain was originally launched in Michigan retailers last year under HYMAN’s Series II collection as a nod to the melting pot of cultures and communities that exist throughout the state. Following the recent national gas price hike, JARS enlisted HYMAN to relaunch the indica-hybrid strain for its new “Gas Up With Us” campaign under a special-edition product drop that is expected to hit shelves in Michigan later this week. 

Illustrating the campaign’s joint effort, the limited edition BONZEEN cannabis flower will be available for purchase in environmentally-friendly 3.5g collectable glass jar containers that feature new and exclusively-labeled JARS and HYMAN branding. Adopting inspiration from the strain’s original, vibrant, red and yellow package design, the collaborative packaging was designed by Custom Marijuana Packaging. 

“HYMAN seeks to launch and support campaigns that individuals can relate to and resonate with,” says MEDfarms National Sales Director, David Shaba. “We feel that this campaign is the perfect way to lighten the impact that inflation is imposing on our patrons’ pockets, and we look forward to helping those in need obtain access to high quality gas – in more ways than one.” 

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