a luxury lifestyle brand

At HYMAN, we value creativity and innovation throughout our entire cultivation process. We are able to ensure HYMAN products are the highest quality by focusing on every aspect of operations. Our dedicated team of experts continuously strive to create extraordinary smoke, destined to inspire.

Through collectable packaging, luxury products and an unmatchable user experience you can count on our brand to be as unique as you. At HYMAN, we believe in creating products you need at the higher standard you want.


Our team has been managing our first cultivation facility for three years. During that time, we have developed a team of incredible specialists who efficiently maintain the establishment while abiding by all proper compliance regulations. 

They have allowed us to further our expansion plan and begin entering our second facility. This expansion has an enormous impact on our company, as it means we will possess 30,000 sq. ft. of total canopy space to grow and house our HYMAN Flower.


Our team strategically works with licensed retailers throughout the state of Michigan to distribute and educate their community on our limited HYMAN flower. 

Patient appreciation days allow us to stay connected, educate and give back to the community who is our top priority. These relationships are an integral part in our efforts towards breaking the stigma of cannabis leading to a powerful and positive change.

Be The Highest
Person In The Room

At HYMAN, we imperiously curate, hand-craft, and exclusively produce extraordinary smoke, destined to inspire. Our lineup of luxury products are fit to suit any connoisseur, ready to be the highest person in the room. If you support HYMAN, you don’t settle for anything but the best.

Our Goal


We believe in high-quality, hand-crafted products and exceptional customer service. Our products are expertly sourced and crafted resulting in self-indulgent products that always leave customers higher than satisfied. HYMAN’s goal is luxury products customers can incorporate into their daily lifestyle for the best quality of life, in every way possible.


All of our products are locally sourced and grown in Michigan. Our cultivation team consists of over 50 industry professionals led by our Head Cultivator, Rabid Hippie. The team at HYMAN Farms dedicates time daily to properly tend to our 30,000 sq. ft. of Canopy space. 

Our team continues to source the latest and greatest genetics through rigorous phenohunts and by connecting with industry leaders

The official definition of HYMAN is “HIGH MAN: the highest person in the room.”

Inspiration to name the brand came from our executive team after smoking our HYMAN flower made them the highest people in the room.


[High-Man] Adj; The highest person in the room.

At HYMAN, we believe that staying connected is key to maintaining relationships. It is important to not only be active in the community, but also give back. Our dedicated Public Relations team coordinates attendance at community events, educational vendor days, patient appreciation days, fundraisers and more.

We collaborate with specific retailers across the state of Michigan to coordinate limited fresh drops of our exclusive products. Our limited release strategy has allowed us to build and maintain great relationships with our retailers.To keep up to date on our drops follow us on Instagram and join our email mailing list.

Our HYMAN 2 Grams are handcrafted with our elegant glass tips. Not only does their double filter ensure a smooth smoke session, they can be cleaned and reused to heighten your experience while reducing waste.